Zimbabwe eVisa

About Zimbabwe eVisa

The Zimbabwe eVisa is an online visa implemented by the Zimbabwe Government in order to facilitate the visa application process and ensure smooth entry at the border checking point.

There are three different visa types for Zimbabwe: one-entry visa, double-entry visa, and KAZA Univisa.

Online application for a Zimbabwe electronic visa is available for nationals of certain eligible countries. Travelers listed among eligible nationalities can save a lot of time, money, and energy as the online visa application does not require visiting the Embassy of Zimbabwe.

An applicant can go through the entire application process without even leaving their home. Among the most important requirements to apply for an electronic visa are a valid passport, an active email address, and a valid means of online payment. Moreover, every traveler should ensure that they have access to an Internet-accessed working electronic device.

Zimbabwe eVisa allows visiting the country for tourism, business, or transit. Depending on the selected visa type and travel purpose, the allowed length of stay in Zimbabwe, as well as processing fees, vary. The service fee for an online visa for Zimbabwe may be either 69, 89, or 99 Euro.


Types of eVisa to Zimbabwe

All eligible travelers can choose one from three available visa types. The service fee and the validity period vary depending on the particular type selected.

The available types of Zimbabwe visas online include the following:

  • a single-entry visa: one-entry electronic visa issued for 90 days for tourism-related purposes, or for 30 days if you plan to travel to Zimbabwe for business reasons.
  • a double-entry visa: an electronic visa that allows entering Zimbabwe two times within the 3-month validity period. For all kinds of tourism visits, the Zimbabwe visa remains valid for 3 months, while for business purposes it stays effective for 1 month.
  • a KAZA UNIVISA: a visa allowing visit both not only Zimbabwe but also Zambia. This visa is a multiple-entry permit and remains valid for 30 days.

Please note: All three Zimbabwe visa types allow trips for tourism, business, or tranist purposes.

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How to apply for an electronic visa to Zimbabwe

Before you start your online Zimbabwe visa application, make sure you have prepared all the required documents listed in the section below. Please remember to provide all the required details carefully to avoid making any mistakes in the online form.

The electronic visa application consists of three following steps:

  1. Fill out the online form: enter all the necessary personal data, and passport information, Next, upload the required supporting documents. Double-check all the provided data for errors.
  2. Pay the service fee: choose your preferred method of online payment and cover the processing fee. We offer several methods of secure online payment.
  3. Go to your email: once your payment is processed, you will get a confirmation number. Check your email inbox and make sure the number was delivered. The approved visa for Zimbabwe will be delivered to your email too.


Validity period

The validity period for a Zimbabwe visa varies according to the visa type:

  • one-entry and double-entry visas: remain valid for 3 months (90 days) from the date of their issuance (for tourism purposes) and 1 month (30 days) if issued for business-related purposes.
  • KAZA UNIVISA: this visa remains valid for 30 days from its issue date and allows multiple entries to both Zimbabwe and Zambia

Important! Please note that your passport used in the online visa application cannot expire for at least 6 months from the planned date you wish to enter Zimbabwe.


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Requirements for Zimbabwe eVisa

The majority of citizens of countries eligible for a Zimbabwe visa online will only need a passport with at least 6-month validity from the date of intended arrival in Zimbabwe.

Some nationals may need to attach a few supporting documents, including:

  • a bio-data passport page copy
  • face photo (simply taken with a PC camera or a phone)
  • residence proof from the country of the applicant’s origin

Additionally, travelers coming to Zimbabwe for tourism-related activities will need to submit:

  • hotel booking confirmation

In turn, business travelers will need to attach:

  • an invitation letter issued by the Zimbabwe partner company
  • an invitation letter issued by the company of the applicant


Requirements on arrival in Zimbabwe

Upon arrival, travelers should have ready a valid passport, and the approved Zimbabwe eVisa. These two documents will be verified by the customs officials.

You need to have those two documents in a physical form. Moreover, make sure your passport has blank pages for a passport stamp. Customs officials will also take your fingerprints.



What is a Zimbabwe eVisa?

Zimbabwe eVisa is an electronic visa permitting eligible foreigners to visit Zimbabwe for tourism, business or transit purposes without the need to attend an embassy. It was implemented by the government of Zimbabwe to make traveling more accessible.

How much is Zimbabwe eVisa?

The price of a Zimbabwe online visa varies depending on the selected type. A transit eVisa costs 69 Euro, a single-entry one – 99 Euro, a double-entry one – 129 Euro, and a KAZA UNIVISA (Zimbabwe + Zambia) – 99 Euro. An applicant can cover the fees via any payment method available on the website.

How long does it take to get approval for an eVisa to Zimbabwe?

The processing time for an electronic visa to Zimbabwe may take up to 3 business days. Make sure to double-check the provided information, as errors can cause delays.

How to get an eVisa for Zimbabwe online?

It is extremely easy to apply for a Zimbabwe visa online. All needed is just to fill out the application form, attach the required documents, make an online payment and wait for the approved entry permit to be sent to the email address. It will arrive as a PDF document. An applicant must print out the eVisa on paper and take it to the airport.