Vietnamese Health Declaration

Vietnam is currently open for all foreign visitors, regardless of vaccination or recovery status. International travelers can travel to Vietnam quarantine-free but need to meet other entry requirements.

The Vietnamese authorities introduced the Vietnam Health Declaration mandatory for every traveler visiting Vietnam during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Its introduction results from the necessity to implement additional measures to ensure the safety of the Vietnamese citizens as well as incoming visitors.

Every passenger needs to provide some essential information on the planned travel and stay in Vietnam, their travel history, contact details, and other important details. Completing the Vietnamese Health Declaration is followed by receiving a unique QR code confirming that the declaration was successfully submitted.

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What you need to complete the Vietnamese Health Declaration

Before starting completing your health declaration, make sure you have the following:

  • an active email address
  • a working electronic device with a stable Internet connection
  • a valid method of online payment (credit/debit card, PayPal, etc.)

To fill out the necessary fields of the Vietnam Health Declaration, you will also need to prepare:

  • your valid travel document (ID card/passport)
  • negative COVID-19 test details
  • vaccination proof (if vaccinated)
  • travel itinerary (flight details, accommodation details in Vietnam, etc.)

Vietnamese Health Declaration

Information necessary to fill out the Vietnamese Health Declaration

Following are the details that you will need to provide when filling out the Health Declaration to Vietnam:

  • personal and contact details: name and surname, birth date, nationality, age, passport number, telephone number, email address
  • travel history: countries visited within the last 14 days
  • health status: yes/no questions about whether you had coronavirus symptoms
  • travel details: travel purpose, departure and arrival place, flight details, address of your stay in Vietnam)
  • vaccination details (only if vaccinated)
  • testing details: details of COVID-19 test performed before departure
  • history of exposure: yes/no questions about whether a traveler has been exposed to situations, e.g. caring for a person infected with a communicable disease or visiting a poultry farm)

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Vietnamese Health Declaration – Instruction on how to apply

Gather all the necessary documents listed above and start completing your health declaration, which requires you to follow these simple and intuitive steps:

  1. Fill out the Vietnamese Health Declaration: provide all required data and next double-check it for correctness.
  2. Cover the processing fee: choose one of the available options of online payment and pay the fee.
  3. Refresh your email: check whether the confirmation e-mail was already delivered to your email address.

After submitting your application for the Vietnamese Health Declaration, the Vietnamese Government will issue an individual QR code. The code will be also sent to your email address provided in your declaration.

Please do remember to print your QR code out or/and save its electronic copy on your electronic device. The customs officials will ask you to show it upon entering Vietnam.