Uganda e-Visa

About Uganda e-Visa

The Uganda e-Visa is an online visa that the government of Uganda introduced to make the visa application process faster.

An online application form is easy to complete. The 3-step application process is quick and uncomplicated. Applicants must answer a few questions regarding personal information, travel details, and passport information. The approval takes up to 72 hours. This time counts from the moment of applying with supporting documents and is delivered to the email address given in the form.

There are three visa types: a single-entry, a multiple-entry, and a transit visa. The first two visas allow staying in the country for 30 days. The transit eVisa lets visitors travel through Uganda to the final destination for up to 7 days.

Eligible citizens may obtain an electronic visa without leaving home. The team of experienced consultants is ready to help at every application stage.

Please remember the information completed in the form must be correct. Any mistakes may cause delays in receiving the approved e-Visa.

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Types of e-Visas for Uganda

Travelers who want to visit Uganda and have a valid passport are ready to start their online visa application. The first step they must complete is to select the type of Uganda e-Visa they need. There are three electronic visas available:

  • A single-entry Uganda e-Visa online allows you to travel to Uganda once for tourism, business, and medical treatment-related purposes. The maximum accepted stay duration is 30 days, and the validity time is 90 days.
  • East Africa Online Visa for multiple entries gives access not only to Uganda but also to Rwanda and Kenya. This visa type stays valid for 90 days and lets us cross the border numerous times. The maximum stay is also 30 days.
  • A transit e-Visa is directed to foreigners who travel to another final location outside Uganda. The permit lets visitors stay in the country for maximum 7 days.

Please remeber that each type of visa will be accepted at the border only with a valid passport. The electronic version of eVisa is not enough.

How to apply for an electronic visa to Uganda

The following instruction may be helpful.

  1. Every applicant fills out the form by giving their name, surname, nationality, date of birth, passport details, email address, and essential travel information. He uploads supporting documents to the application. The given data must be valid and correct.
  2. The next step is to pay a fee. The amount differs according to visa type and is 99 or 149 euros. There are various online payment methods available. Choose the best one for you and check if you receive the payment confirmation via email.
  3. After completing the application correctly, you wait for the approval. It takes up to 72 hours.The Uganda eVisa is delivered via email in a PDF file. It is crucial to print the document and keep it for travel.

The Evisa Express Team is ready to help at every stage of the application process. Do not hesitate to call the infoline or send questions by email.

Apply for Uganda e-Visa

Validity period

Ether single-entry Uganda e-Visa and a multiple-entry travel permit (East Africa Electronic Visa) stay valid for 3 months (90 days) counting from the date of planned arrival to Uganda. The above visas allow staying in the country for 30 days.

The transit e-visa is valid for 7 days  which must be enough to transit through Uganda and reach another destination.

Please note that any type allows traveling through Uganda only with a passport. Moreover, it must be valid for 6 months from the date of arrival in Uganda.

Requirements for e-Visa to Uganda

Each visa type has different application requirements. Find them below.

Single-entry e-Visa to Uganda

  • a passport that will not expire within six moths following the arrival
  • a face photograph (it may be taken by a mobile or PC camera)
  • yellow fever vaccination certificate

Transit Uganda e-Visa

  • a passport that remains valid for the next 6 month
  • a photograph of the applicant’s face (a mobile camera picture is accepted)
  • a certificate of yellow fever vaccination
  • the proof of booked flight ticket for further travel

East Africa Online Visa

  • a passport with minimum 6-month validity
  • a face photo of an applicant (a mobile or PC camera taken photographs are accepted)
  • proof of yellow fever vaccination
  • a picture of the return travel ticket
  • travel itinerary

Requirements on arrival

With the approved Uganda e-Visa you are allowed to enter the country. There are two documents every visitor must carry when crossing the Uganda border. These are:

  • a printed online visa
  • a passport that has at least 6 months of validity time

Please remember that an electronic version of the Uganda visa is not enough. Without the paper copy, you may have complications during border control.