Turkey eVisa

About Turkey eVisa

The Turkish eVisa online application was introduced by Turkish authorities on 17 April 2013. An eVisa allows travelers from outside Turkey for easy online visa application. The process is fast and more convenient than a case of an application for a traditional visa at a Turkish embassy.

If you are a citizen of an eligible country, you may obtain visa with only a valid passport. The application form requires personal and travel information as well as travel details and an email address. With a digital version of the applicant’s face photo and a mailbox, you may complete the application without leaving home.

The visa application process doesn’t take much time. After completing it, you will get a visa to enter Turkey within 72 hours.

The eVisa to Turkey allows to enter the country once (a single entry eVisa) or many times (a multiple-entry eVisa). In both cases, the validity of a document is 90 days from the date of issue. With a single entry visa, you can stay in the country for a maximum of 30 days. For a multiple entry visa, the time of stay is extended to 90 days.

Types of eVisa to Turkey

When you want to visit Turkey, you may choose between two types of documents. You will choose one, depending on the country you come from and the duration of your stay in Turkey.

There are :

  • the single-entry permit that allows for a 30-day stay
  • the multiple-entry permit for a longer stay of 90 days.

Both types of Turkish visa allow you to enter Turkey only for business and tourism purposes. If you, for example, Other travel objectives are not permitted. go to Turkey for work, you must apply for a traditional visa at the embassy.

Apply now for Turkey eVisa

How to apply for an electronic visa to Turkey

By implementing the eVisa application process, the Turkish government intended to facilitate obtaining a travel authorization. The application form is very intuitive. Just follow a few steps to get your travel authorization.

  • Fill in the application form by answering a few questions regarding your personal information, travel information, and passport details. Check the given data twice to avoid rejection of the application.
  • Submit the necessary documents. The visa requirements may differ from country to country. That is why you should check the list of needed documents before you start applying. A document that is obligatory for everyone is a passport.
  • Cover the fee using one of the simple online payment methods. Be sure to check you get the payment confirmation and your application number.

If you have any doubts when applying, you may ask our team of experienced consultants. They will answer all your questions and verify the application for correctness. The entire process of eVisa approval takes up to 72 hours.

When you receive the approved visa, print it as you need the document during your stay in Turkey. The eVisa and the valid passport will be checked by officials at the border after the arrival.

Validity period

Each of two available Turkish visa types stays valid for 6 months from the date of issue. Travelers coming to the country must do it within 180 days from the moment when the visa is approved. A single entry visa lets visitors stay in Turkey for 1 month and a multiple entry visa for three months.

Please take into consideration the time needed for the application process. The verification of the form and approval of Turkish travel authorization takes up to 3 business days you should complete your application at least 72 hours before the travel begins.

Apply now for Turkey eVisa

Requirements for Turkey eVisa

To obtain an electronic visa to Turkey, you will need a passport and access to the internet. Go to eVisa express and find out what you should prepare before applying for the visa.

Go to Required documents Turkey visa requirements are not many. You just have to show eVisa express and start the application. You will be asked to answer to fill out the form (by completing your data, passport number, and travel information) covering a fee and printing the PDF approval, which will be sent to your email. Please ensure your mailbox is not full and the email will be well delivered.

Required documents

Turkish eVisa requirements are not many. You just have to show two following documents to the border guard:

  • a passport (with the maximum expiration date of six months after the arrival to Turkey) 
  • a paper version of eVisa that you received in a PDF file in your email

No electronic version of eVisa may be accepted.

Requirements on arrival

When you arrive in the country, officials conduct a border inspection. You will be asked to show your passport and a printed copy of eVisa approval. Please note that Turkish customs officials may not accept an electronic version of an online visa. A paper version will be required.


What is a Turkey eVisa?

An Egypt eVisa is an electronic visa introduced by the Egyptian government to make the application process for eligible foreigners easier. Holders of the online visa to Egypt can travel to the country for tourism and business purposes for up to 30 days each time. Two types are available: a single-entry one valid for 90 days and a multiple-entry one effective for 180 days.

How much is Turkey eVisa?

Depending on the applicant’s citizenship, the price of an electronic visa to Turkey can be 69 Euro, 99 Euro, or 129 Euro. It is possible to cover the fee using any secure payment method on our website. A confirmation number will be sent to the applicant’s email address shortly after a successful payment.

How long does it take to get approval for Turkey eVisa?

The average processing time is just 19 hours. However, it is best to apply at least 3 working days in advance to have an eVisa ready on time even in case of delays because of errors and incomplete applications.

How to get an eVisa for Turkey online?

One can obtain an online visa to Turkey by following several simple steps. First, an applicant needs to fill in the blanks with such information as their name and surname, citizenship, email address, planned dates of travel, etc. Then, it is required to attach the requested documents and cover the online application fee. Within 3 business days, the approved eVisa will be delivered to the applicant’s email address as a PDF file.