Thailand Pass

What is the Thailand Pass

The Thailand Pass is an online health and travel declaration that has been introduced by the Thai authorities under the Thailand Pass Registration System and works like a Thailand Passenger Locator Form.
The Thai Pass form allows travellers to register their planned trip to Thailand and upload all of the required documents online, easing the difficult entry procedures and, later on, speeding up crossing the Thai border.

Completing the form takes a few minutes and takes place entirely online. Travellers must enter the required by the Thai Government data to the form no later than 7 business days before departure to receive a confirmation of the completed Thai Pass form along with their unique QR code via email.
Appropriate Thai authorities check if each incoming visitor has their own QR code and confirmation of a completed Thai Pass upon arrival since this document is obligatory to have to cross the border during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Apply for Thailand Pass

When to apply?

Travellers must submit their online applications for the Thai Pass no later than 7 business days of the planned departure to Thailand.
This allows the Thai Government to process all incoming applications and approve the incoming visitors to Thailand.
Since February 2022, the Thai Government resumed processing of the Thai Pass applications allowing travellers to register their trips to Thailand again.

Requirements to apply for the Thai Pass

To apply for the Thai Pass, travellers need to meet specific requirements stipulated by the Thai Government, as well as prepare a few essential documents, including:

  • A valid passport
  • A vaccination certificate (or recovery when vaccinated with one dose)
  • An insurance covering min. 50, 000 USDs
  • A SHA Extra+/AQ Hotel Booking
  • Thailand eVisa (if required for one’s country of origin)

Besides these staple documents, make sure that you have:

  • An Internet connection
  • An active email address
  • A working device (e.g., a phone or a laptop)

Thailand Pass

How to get the Thai Pass online

Follow our step-by-step guide to get the Thai Pass online:

  • Step One: Choose your travel plan (Test&Go/the Blue Zone Sandbox/the Alternative Quarantine)
  • Step Two: Give the purpose of your visit to Thailand (Travel/Business/Education/Healthcare/Care), choose your country of departure, arrival port, as well as the date of arrival and length of stay in Thailand
  • Step Three: Enter your personal details: title, name, surname, nationality, date of birth, occupation, address
  • Step Four: Provide your passport details (type, number, and a photo)
  • Step Five: Complete the information of your vaccination status and upload appropriate documents
  • Step Six: Provide the details of your planned trip to Thailand (the booked accommodation + booking ID, address of the stay, province, duration of stay, flight no.)
  • Step Seven: Give your contact details (phone no. and email address)
  • Step Eight: Provide the details of your Emergency Contact (name, surname, and phone no.)
  • Step Nine: Put in the details of your purchased medical insurance for the stay (insurance policy no., coverage, effective date, and upload the required documents)
  • Step Ten: Your travel history: provide a list of countries you have visited within the last 14 days

If you are travelling with children, make sure to add their information into your Thai Pass form.
Please note! All the data must be entered into the Thai Pass application form correctly! Check the completed form thoroughly and look for any mistakes, errors, or missing information before submitting it for approval.

Apply for Thailand Pass

What happens after completing the Thai Pass form?

After completing the Thai Pass application form, travellers receive a PDF confirmation of the completed form via email within 7 business days.
The Thai Government needs to process each application received and issue a confirmation containing a unique QR code for each incoming visitor that has filled out the Thai Pass form online.

Thailand Covid Entry Requirements

Thailand Covid entry requirements differ based on the traveller’s nationality, age, and vaccination status.
The Thai Government has introduced three entry programmes defining the applicable rules and requirements for all travellers wishing to visit Thailand.
No matter which programme you should choose to travel with, you must take an RT-PCR test within 72 hours of your arrival in Thailand (not applicable for children under the age of 6).

The Test&Go Programme

The Test&Go programme allows travellers to skip the quarantine period upon testing before departure, as well as on the first and fifth day of the stay.
The test must be taken in one of the SHA Extra+/AQ hotels in Thailand. Travellers are also asked to wait for the results of the tests taken in a booked hotel room, which may result in an overnight stay.
If tested positive, Thailand visitors are allowed to explore Thailand further.

Am I eligible for the Test&Go Programme?

Answer the following questions to see if you can choose the Thailand’s Test&Go Programme:

  1. Are you fully vaccinated with the last dose taken not less than 14 days of arrival in Thailand
  2. Are you a citizen of one of the eligible for Test&Go countries (currently 197 countries)
  3. Do you have a booked SHA Extra+ or AQ hotel for 2 days (day one and five of the stay for testing)?

The Blue Zone Sandbox Programme

The Blue Zone Sandbox Programme allows travellers from any country or territory to stay in the Sandbox area for 7 days and then explore the rest of Thailand.

Sandbox Areas in Thailand include:

  • Chon Buri
  • Krabi
  • Phangnga
  • Phuket
  • Surat Thani
  • Trat

You have to be fully vaccinated to travel to Thailand under the Blue Zone Sandbox Programme and have a booked SHA Extra+ or an AQ Hotel booked for 7 days of the initial stay in the Sandbox area.

The Alternative Quarantine Programme

Thailand’s Alternative Quarantine Programme is dedicated to non-vaccinated travellers visiting Thailand from any country/territory worldwide who wish to enter Thailand during the Covid-19 pandemic.
This is the only programme that includes a quarantine period of 7, 10, or 14 days. Travellers must have a booked AQ hotel for their quarantine period and, later on, can explore Thailand freely.
Thailand also requires non-vaccinated visitors travelling under the Alternative Quarantine Programme to take a pre-departure RT-PCR test, as well as take additional tests after arrival.