Sri Lanka Passenger Locator Form

The Sri Lankan Government has introduced numerous preventative measures in response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, including the obligatory online health declaration.
The Sri Lanka Passenger Locator Form is required of every incoming visitor to Sri Lanka, including both foreign nationals, as well as citizens and residents of Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lankan PLF should best be filled out and submitted no later than 14 days of the planned arrival to allow for proper processing time. The Sri Lankan Government stipulates that numerous applications are now being submitted; therefore, requiring longer processing times.

All travellers planning to visit Sri Lanka must complete the online health declaration, no matter their vaccination status or nationality. The form requires providing some basic personal, travel, passport/NIC, and contact details.

Moreover, travellers completing the form must attach a few supporting documents to their application to further validate their visit to Sri Lanka.
Travellers who have completed the Sri Lanka PLF will receive a PDF confirmation via email and should present it upon arrival to the local authorities.

Apply now for PLF to Sri Lanka

Passenger Locator Form For Sri Lanka
Since the application process for the Sri Lankan PLF takes place entirely online, the requirements to meet are minimal.

Travellers wishing to complete the Sri Lanka Health Declaration must have the following:

  • an active email address
  • an Internet connection
  • a valid passport or NIC (National Identity Card for Sri Lanka citizens)
  • travel-related details, such as the planned departure date
  • a document confirming the date of the travel
  • a vaccination card (for vaccinated travellers)

How to complete the Sri Lanka Health Declaration

The Sri Lanka Health Declaration is available to be completed online by providing the required information and documents in an application form.
Apply online following these steps:

  • Carefully provide the required data into the online application form
  • Double-check for any possible mistakes, misspellings, or missing information
  • Submit the correctly-filled form
  • Wait for your application to get processed and for the PDF confirmation to be issued and delivered via email

Travellers completing the Sri Lanka Health Declaration must provide up-to-date information regarding their:

  • Personal Details (name and address in the home country)
  • Contact Details (phone number and email address)
  • Travel to Sri Lanka Details (district to be visited in Sri Lanka and date of departure)
  • Passport/NIC Details (passport details are required of foreign nationals, NIC – National Identity Card for Sri Lankan citizens and residents)

Passenger Locator Form for Sri Lanka

Covid-19 Entry Requirements in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka now allows both non-vaccinated and fully vaccinated travellers to visit for essential and non-essential travel.
Fully vaccinated travellers are now exempt from the testing requirement in place. However, non-vaccinated and not-fully-vaccinated travellers must take either:

  • a PCR test within 72 hours from the planned arrival in Sri Lanka
  • an antigen test within 48 hours of arrival

Please note that self-swab tests are not acceptable.
Rules for fully vaccinated travellers
Fully vaccinated travellers face minimal requirements with no need to get tested before departure.
Moreover, fully vaccinated visitors can visit all tourist sites within Sri Lanka.

Rules for not-fully vaccinated travellers
Not-fully vaccinated travellers can visit Sri Lanka if they get tested before departure and once in Sri Lanka are allowed to stay within the Tourism Bio Bubble for the first 7 days of the stay and may visit approved tourist sites.

Other travel restrictions
Additional restrictions require all travellers, despite their vaccine status to get travel insurance with Covid-19 coverage for the entirety of the visit.