Sri Lanka Arrival Card

General information about the Sri Lanka Immigration Arrival Card

The Sri Lanka online Arrival Card is treated as an electronic immigration form implemented to simplify the formalities connected to entering the country by air or sea. The Arrival Card was introduced in order to digitalize immigration services in Sri Lanka and eliminate numerous forms that must be presented.

An Arrival Card should be submitted within 7 days before the trip to Sri Lanka. Travelers need to follow simple steps to complete a short electronic form. You need to share travel and personal information, such as name, surname, nationality, etc., and cover the fee by one of the available payment methods.

The confirmation will be sent to the email address, which is a very convenient option. What is more, you don’t need to print out the received file, as the card links digitally to the passport number. Then, when you arrive in Sri Lanka, provide a valid passport that will be verified.

Remember that the Arrival Card is not the eTA to Sri Lanka. It means you need all the proper permits to cross the border and apply for a visa if needed.

Sri Lanka Arrival Card

Who needs to complete the Arrival Card Sri Lanka Online

The Arrival Card Sri Lanka needs to be done by all travelers who plan to enter the country by sea or air. As for now, no groups of visitors are exempt from submitting the Arrival Card online. Everybody who wants to cross the border must have it.

When an Arrival Card to Sri Lanka should be completed

You should submit the electronic form within 7 days before the planned arrival in the country. It is possible to complete the Card on our website. Note that your application will be processed closer to the date of your travel.

How can I submit an Arrival Card for Sri Lanka?

The Card of Arrival to Sri Lanka can be completed by the following steps:

  1. Enter the information in the form, such as name, surname, gender, contact details, etc. Check the details twice, as mistakes may cause delays or even rejection.
  2. Cover the service fee. It is very simple, as you can use one of the available payment methods.
  3. Wait for the processing and check the email address to receive a confirmation file.

There’s no need to print out your electronic Card, as it links directly to the passport number. Note that your Card will be verified based on your passport validity.

Requirements for Sri Lanka Online Arrival Card

The requirements for a Card to Sri Lanka are minimal. Travelers who want to visit Sri Lanka should consider:

  • a passport with at least a validity period of 6 months
  • an email address that is active
  • a valid means of payment, such as credit/debit card
  • a working device with an internet connection

Sri Lanka Arrival Card

What information needs to be provided in the Sri Lanka Form

The following information needs to be shared in order to complete the Arrival Online Card:

  • surname and name
  • number of a passport
  • gender
  • date of birth
  • number of the flight/ship name
  • arrival date
  • contact information (phone number, email address, etc.)
  • accommodation address
  • visit purpose (conference, business, employment, education, medical treatment, holiday, official events, migration, or other)
  • mode of arrival (air or sea)
  • arrival and departure port

It is good to know that the Arrival Card to Sri Lanka is treated as a legal document. Submitting false details will result in severe consequences, such as legal prosecution, fines, removal from the country, or even imprisonment. Your information must be up-to-date and true.

Important Information

  • Each traveler must complete a separate arrival form before going to Sri Lanka (including minors traveling on their parent’s passport).
  • Parents or legal guardians must enter the information required in the Arrival Card to Sri Lanka on behalf of their children.
  • The validity period of a passport must be at least 6 months from the planned arrival date.
  • Visitors need to travel for the purpose stated in the Sri Lanka form.
  • In the case of an extension of visa to Sri Lanka, contact the Department of Immigration and Immigration in Battaramulla.
  • No printing out of the Card is needed; the form automatically links to the passport number.