Singapore eVisa

About Singapore eVisa

The Singapore eVisa is an online visa addressed to citizens of 36 eligible countries who can enter the country with a minimum of formalities.

The online application is fast and easy and can be completed from home on any internet-connected device.

Applicants holding a passport and coming from an eligible country fill out a short application form, attach necessary documents and pay a visa fee. Then they wait for eVisa approval. Once the document is issued, it is delivered to the applicant’s email address in a PDF file.

The entire eVisa processing time takes up to 72 hours. To avoid problems with delays or rejection of the application, applicants should pay attention to completed data. It can not include mistakes.

The electronic visa to Singapore allows travelers to enter the country once and stay there for up 30 days. The document’s validity time is also 30 days and counts from the entry date given in the application form.

The online visa to Rwanda must be shown at the border when entering or exiting Singapore. Although it is an electronic document, a copy must be printed and kept for the journey.

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Types of Singapore eVisas

Foreign travelers may apply for only one type of electronic visa to Singapore. A single-entry permit allows staying in the country for a maximum of 30 days.

The visa may be used for tourism and business-related purposes like holidays, family visits, pilgrimages, business meetings, conferences, negotiations, etc.

Travelers who intend to travel to Singapore for business reasons must attach a V39A form to the application. It is a Letter of Introduction written by at least 21 years old citizen or resident of Singapore who stands on behalf of the company that the foreign traveler will cooperate with.

The Singapore Embassy may also issue the Letter of Introduction.

How to apply for an electronic visa to Singapore

Travelers who want to obtain an eVisa to Singapore must apply for it at least 3 business days before planned arrival in the country.

Every applicant needs to prepare a passport with at least 6 months of validity and an electronic device with a stable internet connection before he starts a few-step online application.

Information provided in the form cannot include mistakes as this may elongate the entire procedure or even result in the rejection of the visa application.

The application may be divided into the following stages:

  1. filling in an online visa application form with basic personal and travel information and attaching required documents like a passport’s bio-data page and face photographs
  2. covering the visa fee through one of the available online payment methods and checking for payment confirmation
  3. waiting for delivery of the approved visa via email and printing the document for the travel purposes

The online visa processing time takes up to 72 hours.

The team of consultants is ready to help at every application stage.

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Validity period

The eVisa to Singapore stays valid for 30 days from the date of issue. It may be used only with a valid passport.

When applying online for the visa, the passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the planned arrival date.

Please note that you must show a paper copy of the eVisa at the border when entering and exiting the country. The electronic copy of it, saved on an electronic device, will not be accepted.

Singapore eVisa requirements

Thanks to an online visa application procedure, the requirements for a visa are limited.

Applicants need only a passport with a validity of a minimum 6 months and access to an electronic device with an internet connection.

The application should be submitted in advance, at least 3 business days before leaving for Singapore.

Required documents

For a successful application, the eligible traveler must submit a completed form with basic personal and travel information and a copy of a passport that remains valid for a minimum of 6 months.

To the application, passport photographs should be attached. The pictures may be taken with a mobile or PC camera.

Please note that another document is also required in case of business travel. It is a V39A form, a Letter of Introduction to Visa Application written by a Singapore citizen or resident over 21 years who represents a company in Singapore.

If an applicant cannot obtain a Letter of Introduction from the contact person in Singapore, he may ask for such a document at an embassy.

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Requirements on arrival

Foreigners traveling to Singapore should prepare two documents for border control. These are:

  • a printed copy of approved eVisa
  • a passport that will stay valid for at least 6 months upon the arrival

Both documents must be carried during the travel.

Please note the customs officers will not accept the approved visa saved on an electronic device. You will need a paper copy of it.