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In July 2021, Italy decided to introduce an official digital questionnaire gathering all the most important health and travel-related details. The implementation of the Digital Passenger Locator Form was an attempt to respond to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to this electronic form, the Italian authorities can trace all visitors entering Italy and prevent the spread of new COVID-19 cases. In case of potential infection risk, they can immediately notify a traveler thanks to the contact details provided in the form.

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General Information About the Italian Digital PLF to Italy

The Passenger Locator Form for Italy functions as an online way to control the flow of travelers and notify them about the potential infection. This way, the appropriate steps, like starting the quarantine and self-isolation, can be taken.
All passengers can fill out the Italy Passenger Locator Form online with the use of any electronic device with an Internet connection.
Every person entering Italy needs to obtain the PLF regardless of the used means of transportation. Only domestic flights and countries included on A and B lists are exempted from this obligation.

Application for children can be made by a minor traveler’s parent or legal guardian.
The Passenger Locator form for Italy requires providing details related to the type of transportation, the stay in Italy, arrival and departure dates, some personal data, contact information, and a traveler’s temporary or permanent address.
Failure to obtain the Italian Passenger Locator Form may result in issues upon entering Italy. What is more, every traveler must make sure that all the data provided in digital form are true and most recent.

PLF Italy

How to Apply for the Italian PLF

To successfully make an online application for a Digital Passenger Locator Form for Italy, every applicant needs to go through the following application steps:

  1. Provide all the required data: enter the necessary details, answering all questions regarding your health and travel plans.
  2. Cover the service fee: using one of your preferred methods of online payment, pay for the processing fee.
  3. Go to your email inbox: every successful application ends with receiving the PDF file and an individual QR code.

The PDF file can be either printed or saved as a digital copy and shown upon entering Italy.
Important note: All travelers should double-check all the data entered as any single mistake, or untrue information can result in problems to enter Italy.

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Health Requirements to Enter Italy

Similarly, like other countries in the world, Italy has been systematically updating entry rules adjusting them to the current COVID-19 situation.
Apart from the obligation to complete the Passenger Locator Form, Italy introduced as a preventive measure to reduce the spread of coronavirus cases, the Italian government has also divided countries into 5 categories naming them with letters from A to E. The lists are divided according to the infection rates in particular countries, e.g., lists D and E comprise the countries banned from entering Italy and the countries from which travelers need to meet other additional requirements to enter Italy.
List C, in turn, includes the countries that must present the Digital Passenger Locator Form and one of the following certificates:

  • vaccination proof
  • COVID-19 recovery certificate
  • a negative test result (molecular or antigen test)