Passenger Locator Form For Greece – PLF

In a bid to curb the spread of COVID-19, the government of Greece has taken several actions, and one of them is the introduction of the PLF Greece.

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General Information About The Passenger Locator Form To Greece

This passenger locator form for entry to Greece is a travel certificate which is required for any one travelling to Greece. The sole aim of this document is to enable the health officials and the boarder authorities monitor the possible cases of COVID-19 in the country.

With this Greece Passenger Locator Form, travelers who are at risk can be easily contacted and this helps in taking faster actions in curbing the pandemic.

This document is needed by all travelers that are entering Greece. As you plan travelling to Greece, you need to fill this form online and submit it in advance.

Note that if you are travelling with your family members or as a group, all of you should apply for only one form for entry. All your details should be completed in the single form.

For example, if you are six from your family travelling to Greece, you only need one form that covers all six members, not six different forms.

You have to complete this Greece Passenger Locator Form before it reaches midnight on the day before your expected arrival in Greece. You cannot apply for this document the same day you land in Greece.

Note that this document is different from a visa and cannot be used in place of a visa. If you are travelling from a country that requires a visa to Greece, then you have to apply for a visa separately.

Passenger Locator Form For Greece

How To Apply For PLF To Greece

Applying for this PLF Greece is very easy, and you can use the link on this page to start your application.

On the application page, you have to provide certain basic details about yourself and your purpose for visiting Greece.
You will provide:

  • Information about your trip such as where you will be staying.
  • Personal details
  • Reason for visiting Greece

The documents needed to apply include:

  • Selfie proof of payment method. You should take a selfie holding the card used for transactions. This photo should only show the last 4 digits of your credit card. (if applicable).
  • Proof of vaccination for COVID-19 (if applicable)
  • A recovery certificate of COVID-19 (if applicable)
  • Pre-departure PCR COVID-19 test showing a negative result (if applicable).

When you submit your application for the PLF Greece it will be expertly reviewed. As soon as your form for entry is issued, you will receive it directly in your inbox.

This contains a web link, and you can obtain a QR code by following the link. This should be presented to the authorities when you arrive for health status verification.

Upon arrival, you should show this QR code to the Greek health authorities. You can display it directly from your phone, or print it out and take it with you.

Passenger Locator Form for Greece

Medical Requirements to Enter Greece

Travelers that are 12 years of age and above are mandated to present a result for PCR test showing negative. This test should be conducted within 72 hours before entering Greece.

Alternatively, you can present an antigen test conducted within 48 hours.
However, if you possess a valid certificate for COVID-19 vaccine, you won’t have to make available a negative PCR test.

You can also skip a COVID-19 test showing negative if you have presented proof of recovery from COVID-19 within the past 2-9 monhts.

This proof can be in the form of a positive test result or a medical certificate.

Kindly note that the accepted vaccines include: Novavax, Pfizer BioNtech, Sputnik, Moderna, Cansino Biologics, Astra Zeneca/Oxford, Johnson + Johnson/Janssen, Sinopharm , and Sinovac Biotech, among others.