Malaysia Digital Arrival Card

About Malaysia MDAC

The Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) should be obtained online by all international travelers who plan a visit to Malaysia. The initiative was introduced in January 2024 to expedite the application process and encourage more people to visit Malaysia for short-term trips.

To apply online for the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card, complete a dedicated registration form with your personal data, passport details, and travel information. You will find the questionnaire on our website.

It is also essential to cover the fee for visa processing. You can do that using your credit card, debit card, or one of the many available online payment services (Paypal, Sofort, Klarna, American Express).

The standard processing time is usually a few business days. The minimum waiting time for the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card approval is 3 days. If you apply later, it may not be authorized on time.

Your MDAC will be checked upon your arrival in Malaysia. If it is your first time traveling to Malaysia, you are required to head to the Immigration Manual Counter and verify your passport at the desk.

Once you enter Malaysia with the MDAC document, you can stay in the country for up to 3 days. If you wish for a longer trip, you need to apply for a suitable visa beforehand.

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IMPORTANT: Although they work in a similar way, the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) and the Malaysia Tourist Visa are two completely different documents and cannot be used interchangeably.

Types of Malaysia MDAC

Currently, there is only one type of Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) you should obtain before your trip. It can be issued for every foreign visitor planning travel related to tourism, business, or transit.

Once you have the approved MDAC on hand, you can enjoy holiday tours and family reunions in Malaysia. You are also allowed to attend conferences and take part in professional training abroad.

How to apply for a Malaysia MDAC

The Malaysia MDAC application process can be conducted from home in just a few clicks. Before proceeding with the registration, make sure you have a device connected to the Internet to avoid any technical issues. The remote application is very convenient, consisting of only three steps:

  1. Complete the registration form with essential personal information
  2. Upload the required documents to the website in PDF format
  3. Pay the obligatory fee for processing your visa application

We highly recommend checking the completed application form before submitting it for processing. If there are any spelling mistakes detected in the questionnaire, you may be given a visa refusal.

The approved Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) will be delivered to your e-mail inbox in electronic form. The average waiting time for approval is only a few working days. Although it is not mandatory to print it out, you should save it on your mobile device to ensure easy access during the control.

Once you arrive in Malaysia, the immigration officers will check your documents to verify if you obey the entry requirements. If it is your first time in Malaysia, you must visit the Immigration Manual Counter.

If you need any further information regarding the Malaysia visa, feel free to contact the Support Team. Our group of experts will try their best to help you solve every problem regarding the MDAC application.

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Validity period

The standard validity period of the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) is only 3 days from the date of arrival to the country, allowing for short-term visits related to tourism, business, and transit.

If you would like to spend a longer time in Malaysia, it is essential to apply for a standard visa.

Requirements for Malaysia MDAC

You will not be able to proceed with the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) application unless you meet the mandatory visa requirements. It is recommended to gather all the required documentation beforehand so that the application procedure is effortless and uncomplicated.

Required documents

The requirements for the MDAC application are minimal – the only document that you need is a personal passport. It is crucial it stays valid for at least 6 months from the estimated date of arrival to Malaysia.

Since the approved Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) will be delivered to you electronically, we recommend checking if you can access your e-mail inbox. There, you will find the authorized online visa.

Requirements on arrival

Once you arrive in Malaysia, you need to undergo immigration control. The officers will check if you have all the required documents and verify your identity. Before traveling, remember to pack a valid passport and an approved Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC).

Your passport must be the same document you have used for the visa application. If you need to issue a new document (it was lost or damaged), you also need to complete a new MDAC registration form.