India e-Visa

India e-Visa General Information

Indian e-Visa is an online visa permitting to enter India for tourism, business, or medical purposes. It was implemented by the government of India to make the application process easier and more accessible.

There are tourism, business, and medical types of an e-Visa to India. One-month tourism visa allows one entry and a stay up to 30 days. One-year and five-year tourism visas are multiple-entry ones. A business visa permits numerous entries with up to 180 days for each stay, while a medical visa allows up to 3 visits within 2 month period.

To apply for an e-Visa to India, one doesn’t need to go to an Indian embassy. The application process takes place entirely online: an applicant must just fill out the online form, attach required documents, cover the fee and print out the approved e-Visa sent to the applicant’s email address.

The processing can take up to 3 business days, but the average time is just 51 hours.

For citizens of Great Britain, Mozambique, Russia, Ukraine, and the United States, the fee is 149 Euro. For other eligible citizens visiting India, e-Visa costs 129 Euro.

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Types of Indian electronic visas

Indian electronic visa is available in 5 types: one-month tourist, one-year tourist, and five-year tourist, business, and medical ones.

  • One-month tourist visa is issued for tourists to explore the country and visit their family and friends. Tourist visas stay effective for 30 days from the issuance date and allow their holders to enter the country once and stay there for up to 30 days;
  • One-year tourist visa is designed for leisure-related purposes and allows one to visit India numerous times within the period of one year;
  • Five-year tourist visa permits to enter the country multiple times within a five-year period and stay up to 90 days each time. US and Japanese citizens with this visa type can stay in India for up to 180 days at a time.
  • Business visa is for business-related purposes such as negotiating, participating in business meetings and conferences, etc. It is a multiple-entry visa valid for a year, permitting to stay up to 180 days at a time or in total;
  • Medical visa lets visit India to undergo medical treatment. Its validity is 2 months. Its holders can stay for up to all 60 days at once or divide them into 3 visits;

India e-Visa Application Form

With our visa services, you can apply for an Indian visa online in an easy and secure way just following this simple instruction:

  • Fill out the application form by providing some personal and travel information, for example, your name and surname, citizenship, the purpose of travel, arrival and departure dates, etc.;
  • Attach the necessary documents – your passport and a photo of your face;
  • Cover the India e-Visa fee using one of the available online payment methods – for example, it can be your debit or credit card, PayPal account;
  • Check your inbox. The approval will be sent to your email address, so make sure to enter an active email you have access to.

The maximum application processing time is 3 business days, but usually, it takes just 51 hours.

Validity period

Each Indian e-Visa type has a different validity period.

There are three types of electronic tourist visa according to its validity: for one month, one year, and five years from the date of grant.

A business visa stays effective for one year (365 days), while a medical visa is valid for 2 months (60 days).

An e-Visa to India cannot be extended. You must submit a new application if your current visa expires.

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Requirements for the India e-Visa application

To apply for an Indian online visa, you must be from an eligible country and have a working device (a phone, laptop, tablet, or PC) with an internet connection, an active email address, and the ability to use online payment methods.

Required documents

All applicants for e-Visa to India must provide the following required documents:

  • a photo of the valid passport’s bio-data page;
  • a photograph of the applicant’s face – can be taken by a phone or PC camera.

In order to submit an application for a business visa, you also need a letter of invitation or a business card from the company you intend to cooperate with.

Medical e-Visa additionally required a written document from the hospital or other medical institution providing basic details of the length and type of planned treatment and confirmation of cooperation.

Requirements on arrival

On arrival, you must present these documents:

  • a valid passport – it must stay effective for at least 6 months after the arrival date;
  • a paper copy of e-Visa to India.

Currently, not all ports support electronic visas, so make sure to use one of the following:


  • Ahmedabad
  • Amritsar
  • Bagdogra
  • Bengaluru
  • Bhubaneshwar
  • Calicut
  • Chandigarh
  • Chennai
  • Cochin
  • Coimbatore
  • Delhi
  • Gaya
  • Goa
  • Guwahati
  • Hyderabad
  • Jaipur
  • Kolkata
  • Lucknow
  • Madurai
  • Mangalore
  • Mumbai
  • Nagpur
  • Portblair
  • Pune
  • Tiruchirapalli
  • Trivandrum
  • Varanasi
  • Vishakhapatnam


  • Chennai
  • Cochi
  • Goa
  • Mangalore
  • Mumbai