Enter Croatia

The Croatian Passenger Locator Form (also called Enter Croatia) is an online document including the health and travel-related detials of a person entering Croatia. The Croatian authorities introduced it amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Although the form is not a mandatory document, it is highly requested for all visitors to complete it before a trip with regard to their own safety as well as the safety of other travelers.

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Enter Croatia General Information

Enter Croatia enables the Croatian Government to immediately notify a traveler about the potential coronavirus infection. The Croatia Passenger Locator Form has the form of a short online questionnaire that includes all the necessary information about the people entering the country.

The Croatian authorities did not make Enter Croatia mandatory to be allowed to cross the border of the country. Nevertheless, those travelers who have obtained the Passenger Locator Form before a trip to Croatia can benefit from it as the border control will be much faster for them.

Children traveling with parents or legal guardians can be added to the Enter Croatia of an adult’s traveler.

There is no specific time when the Passenger Locator Form should be filled out. However, it is highly recommended to do it before arriving in Croatia. In practice, you can start filling your form the moment you have your arrival date and the address of your Croatian accommodation.

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Enter Croatia Application Instruction

Three simple steps are needed to complete your Passenger Locator Form. Firstly, every applicant should grab any working electronic device and check the Internet connection. The application form consists of the following steps:

  1. Fill out the PLF form: enter all the requested data and answer all the questions of the online form. Only after double-checking the entered details, should you go to the next step.
  2. Pay the handling fee: choose one preferred method of online payment and cover the fee.
  3. Go to your email inbox: check for the receipt of your completed Croatian PLF. It will arrive at your email address as a PDF file.

Most essential details to provide in the PLF to Croatia include:

  • trip purpose, departure country, arrival, and departure dates
  • personal details (including first and last names, contact number, email address, etc.)
  • data of other travelers accompanying a person filling out this form
  • first accommodation address in Croatia
  • U Digital Certificate (alternatively it can be any other document that will prove a traveler’s current health status)

Croatia Passenger Locator Form

Coronavirus-related entry requirements

In order to enter Croatia amid the coronavirus pandemic, travelers need to present one of the following documents upon arrival:

  • a vaccination proof (issued no earlier than 365 days before a trip to Croatia)
  • a negative COVID-19 antigen test performed not earlier than 48 hours prior to the trip
  • a negative PCR test taken not earlier than 72 hours prior to the trip
  • a certificate of COVID-19 recovery

Children younger than 12 who travel with parents or guardians do not need to obey the above-described requirements as long as the parent or guardian is a holder of one of the above-listed documents.

Since the entry regulations are subject to rapid change, check for the recent information here.