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The Colombia Check-MIG Form is a compulsory travel document required from all visitors who want both to enter and leave Colombia. The idea to introduce the form arose amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to ensure safe tourism flow and reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

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General Information About Colombia Check-MIG Form

The Check-MIG form includes all essential information of a traveler entering Colombia. Every person must fill it out online before crossing the Colombian borders. The form can be completed 1 hour before the flight at the latest. This online travel authorization enables its holder to enter Colombia only once, which means that every time when planning to visit the country, a traveler must submit a new online application.

The Check-MIG to Colombia remains valid for 1 month. Nevertheless, each visitor should apply for it 24 hours in advance of the departure flight.

Before starting to submit an online application, all travelers should first collect all the necessary data related to their trip to Colombia, e.g., transport means, departure and arrival dates, entry point, etc. Apart from travel-related details, travelers will be asked to provide some personal and health information. The main aim of the Check-MIG form is to ensure that the health status of visitors allows them to enter Colombia. Therefore, they will need to answer a few coronavirus-related questions.

Please do remember that children also need to complete the Colombian Check-MIG. Legal guardians or parents should make it on their behalf.

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How to apply for Colombia Check-MIG Form?

Online application for Check-MIG Form to Colombia can be obtained with the minimum effort just using any electronic device connected to the internet.

All applicants need to follow the following steps to receive the approved form delivered to the email address:

The online application comprises the following steps:

  1. Provide all the necessary information: enter all the requested details and answer all the questions.
  2. Pay the service fee: choose one of the available options of online payment and cover the fee of 39 EUR charged for the processing of your application
  3. Check your inbox: go to your email address and download your approved Check-MIG.

Upon arrival, make sure to have the following documents ready to show during the airport check:

  • a valid passport or ID card
  • a Check-MIG form copy (completed within 24 hours before the planned travel)

Apply now for Columbia Check-MIG Form

Health Requirements in Colombia

From December 14th, 2021, the Colombian authorities introduced new entry requirements that apply to all visitors aged 18 years and older arriving by air.
Requirements for foreign travelers (non-residents of Colombia) aged 18 and older:

  • Vaccinated travelers need to provide full vaccination proof confirming receiving the final COVID-19 vaccine dose at least 14 days before a trip.
  • If a traveler has received the coronavirus vaccines and it has elapsed less than 2 full weeks, or a traveler has not received the full dose, it is necessary to provide a negative PCR test that must be taken within 72 hours before boarding the flight.
  • Unvaccinated foreign visitors (not being non-residents of Colombia) will not be able to enter Colombia.