Brazil eVisa

About Brazil eVisa

Brazil eVisa is an electronic visa that allows visiting Brazil for leisure, business, or transit. Initially launched by the Brazilian government in 2017, it was later suspended, and since January 10, 2024, is available again for citizens of Australia, Canada, and the United States of America.

The electronic visa to Brazil is granted as a multiple-entry permit, meaning that travelers can enter Brazil numerous times. It stays valid for one year from the date of issue and permits a stay for up to 90 days (3 months).

Before initiating the application process, applicants must prepare a working electronic device connected to the internet and a set of documents required for the purpose of their travel.

The Brazil eVisa application procedure includes only a few easy steps: you must complete a form on our website, upload the necessary documents, and make the payment. The document confirming the approval of your online visa to Brazil will be sent to your email address.

Whether you want to visit Rio de Janeiro or any other city in Brazil, we highly recommend you apply for an eVisa to Brazil about 2 months before your planned date of travel to ensure a smooth and stress-free trip without any problems.

Brazil visa types

The Brazil eVisa is available in one type only – a multiple electronic visa to Brazil that is issued for one year (12 months) from the date of issue. The maximum permitted stay is 90 days.

The Brazil online visa allows visiting Brazil for such purposes:

  • tourism: various leisure-related purposes, such as vacationing, recreation, meeting friends and family members;
  • business: business handling, negotiating contracts, attending business meetings, conferences, congresses, etc.;
  • transit: traveling through Brazil en route to another country.

How to apply for an eVisa for Brazil

Eligible travelers can apply for an electronic visa to Brazil in a straightforward manner within a few minutes – it is not required to visit the embassy or consulate. Find a spot with a stable internet connection and follow the steps below:

  1. Provide your data in the form. You need to enter your passport, personal, and travel data. Make sure your information is error-free.
  2. Attach the documentation. Check the list of mandatory documentation for your purpose of travel and attach the digital copies made by a smartphone camera or a scanner.
  3. Pay the fees. Make the payment using any of the online payment options presented on the website (debit/credit card, PayPal, etc.)

After several business days, you will receive the result via email. The approved Brazil eVisa will be sent to you as a PDF document. Download it to your mobile device and bring a paper copy with you to the entry port.

Validity period

The validity period of an electronic visa to Brazil is one year from the date of approval. Holders of the Brazil eVisa can enter Brazil an unlimited amount of times in a span of 12 months of validity and stay in the country for up to 90 days (three months).

It is extremely important that your passport remains effective for a minimum 6 months from the intended date of travel in Brazil. If you are planning to apply for an eVisa to Brazil but your passport is soon to expire, you must renew your passport.

Brazil eVisa requirements

Required documents

The required documentation varies, depending on the purpose of your trip and the traveler’s age.


For leisure-related trips, you need to prepare the following documents:

  • a passport (must stay valid for at least 6 months from arrival in Brazil, be signed, and have two blank pages)
  • a face photograph (2” x 2”, passport-style, white background)
  • booking of flight tickets (proving entrance into and exit from the country)
  • bank statements for the previous 30 days proving at least US$ 2,000.00 for the stay in Brazil


If you travel to Brazil on business, you should additionally upload:

  • a letter from a US or Brazilian company that contains:
    • business or activities nature of the Brazil company/organization
    • applicant’s title, month salary, and job description
    • nature of business/activities that an applicant will be involved in Brazil
    • name and address of the company in Brazil (cooperating with the traveler)
    • contact details (name, phone number, corresponding position)
    • travel dates
  • a statement confirming that a company will provide financial support during traveler’s stay in Brazil
  • a statement that a traveler will not deliver any technical assistance or take up employment during their stay in Brazil (for paid activities, you must hold a VITEM V temporary work visa)

Underage travelers

The application for travelers under 18 years old must have the supporting documents presented below:

  • birth certificate (original and copy)
  • authorization for issuance of Brazilian visas for underage travelers (signed by both parents)
  • Declaração de Não-Cidadania signed by Brazilian parents (confirming that the applicant does not hold a Brazilian Birth Certificate)
  • passport or photo ID of both parents of an underage applicant (copy)

Requirements on arrival

When entering Brazil, you need to have a passport that does not expire for at least 6 months from the arrival date and a paper copy of an active Brazil eVisa. The immigration officer will check it and make a decision if you are allowed into the country.