Due to the emergence of COVID-19 and the unceasing pandemic, the authorities of Canada decided to introduce the ArriveCAN as a protective measure aimed at minimizing the COVID-19 cases spread. The ArriveCAN takes the form of a health-related questionnaire and is mandatory for all fully immunized travelers before going to Canada by air, sea, or land.

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General Information about ArriveCAN to Canada

There are two ways to get your ArriveCAN – via mobile app or on the website. Every traveler must remember to submit the form within 3 days (72 hours) prior to the intended time of entry into Canada and show a receipt confirming its completion upon arriving on the territory of Canada.
This health form can be filled out only by a person who has received the full dose of the coronavirus shot. Currently, Canada allows entry only to fully immunized visitors. What is more, the administered vaccine cannot be other than one of those recognized by the government of Canada (Moderna, Pfizer, Johnsosn&Johnson, AstraZeneca, Sinovac, Sinopharm, and COVAXIN).
The Canadian ArriveCAN form is an online document obligatory to enter Canada trouble-free while meeting other entry requirements. Before making an online application, every traveler should make sure to meet the current entry restrictions.
After checking your eligibility, you can then start filling out your application for ArriveCAN. In order to do that, every applicant needs an Internet-accessed electronic device like a laptop or smartphone.

The online form must be completed within 72 hours before the planned entry into Canada!

How to apply for ArriveCAN?

With our intuitive and straightforward online application, submitting an online ArriveCAN form could not be simpler! Arrivals to the Land of Maple Leaf simply need to provide answers to several questions related to their health status and provide some details concerning their Canadian trip.
Every application requires following these 3 steps to submit the ArriveCAN form successfully:

  1. Click the ‘Apply Online,’ and next enter all the required data. After completing your health form, you will be asked to provide a COVID-19 vaccination certificate.
  2. Choose one available online means of payment and pay the ArriveCAN service fee. Please do remember that the fee is charged only if you decide to apply with our professional assistance (free of charge application can be made when applying on the official website of the Government of Canada).
  3. Download the received receipt of your ArriveCAN from your email address. Present it during the airport control upon your entry into Canada.

The ArriveCAN confirmation will include all the necessary information on your Canadian trip, like the chosen entry port and the planned date of your arrival. Minor travelers may be added to the health forms of their parents or legal guardians who accompany them during a trip to Canada. All the crucial details related to every underage traveler should be entered into the online form.

Apply for ArriveCan

Medical Requirements to enter Canada

For the time being, the following groups can cross the borders of Canada:

  • citizens of Canada (dual citizens included), those registered under the Indian Act, permanent Canadian residents, persons with refugee status.
  • foreign travelers who have been fully immunized

All the eligible fully immunized persons planning to enter Canada need:

  • a pre-entry molecular coronavirus test result
  • submit a quarantine plan
  • apply for ArriveCAN and provide the required travel and health-related information