The Passenger Locator Form is an online questionnaire that has been introduced by the governments of many countries all over the world to minimize the spread of the virus. It is an online form that asks passengers whether they have any symptoms of COVID-19 and then generates a list of passengers who are more at risk than others. Additionally, it sends these passengers to airport infection control centers for further screening.
The new system has helped reduce COVID-19 pandemic as well as reduce waiting time in airports. Public health authorities use Passenger Locator Forms to facilitate contact tracing in case passengers are exposed to infectious diseases during their travel. The passenger locator form is a way that travelers can help identify those who may have been exposed to the virus. It’s important for both travelers and health officials in order to ensure the health of others.
Passenger Locator Form Passenger Locator Form


The data required to fill the online Passenger Locator Form is as follows:

– First and last names, passport number
– Date of birth, gender
– Country of residence
– Citizenship
– Contact information (e-mail, phone number)
– Information on accommodation during the stay in a given country
– Planned arrival date
– Means of transport used to reach an intended destination

Passenger Locator Form for United Kingdom.

Every adult traveler planning to enter the United Kingdom via air, road, or sea must fill out the UK PLF within 48 hours of the planned arrival in the country.

The form is available for travelers online and can be completed within minutes from home. After completing it, a QR code along with a confirmation of submission is sent to each traveler via email.

The QR code, as well as the confirmation of completion, should be printed or kept in an electronic form and presented upon arriving in UK.

Information to provide in the UK PLF:

  • Passport/ID details
  • Details of the planned visit to the UK, including the address of the stay
  • Health-related details (including information on the Covid-19 tests taken by the traveler, vaccination status)
  • Contact information (phone number)
  • Basic personal information
  • And more


Passenger Locator Form for Belgium.

PLF for Belgium is an online health declaration form that must be filled out by both foreign citizens, as well as Belgium citizens/residents coming to Belgium from abroad.
The only exception for filling the form is for Belgian citizens who come back after a stay abroad of less than 48 hours or if you are a foreign citizen who plans to visit Belgium for less than 48 hours.
This exception does not apply to travelers who reach Belgium by a plane or boat, a train or bus from outside the EU or Schengen Area, or upon visiting Belgium from a high-risk country.

What information do you need to provide in the form?

  • basic personal details (such as name, gender, date of birth, nationality, etc.)
  • a list of previously visited countries
  • ID number
  • details of the planned arrival in Belgium (e.g., the way of travel, seat/flight no)
  • health-related information (including vaccine details)
  • and more

PLF to Belgium

Passenger Locator Form for Ireland.

Every adult traveler wishing to go to or through Ireland must fill out an online Passenger Locator Form within 72 hours of arriving in Ireland and provide correct and up-to-date information to get entry into the country.

Travelers must provide personal, travel, contact, and health-related details in the online form and make sure there are no errors in the provided data.

There are a few exemptions from filling the form, e.g., in the case of heavy goods vehicle drivers or persons with diplomatic privileges. However, most travelers do need to complete the form online prior to their visit in Ireland.

After completing the form, every traveler receives a confirmation email, which should either be printed or kept in an electronic form and, later on, presented upon arrival or at the boarding process in one’s home country.

There are legal consequences for not complying with the requirements of completing the PLF before arrival since it was introduced to help with keeping the general public safe.

Do children need to have an Irish PLF?
All underage travelers should be included in the PLF of their parent/legal guardian they are traveling to Ireland with. One adult traveler can include up to 7 children in one form.

PLT to Ireland

Passenger Locator Form for France.

Travelers aged 12 and over must present a completed Passenger Locator Form to be granted entry into France.

The form should be submitted online prior to the travel and, later on, presented to the officials prior to boarding and after arrival.

The form requires travelers to provide basic personal information, such as the traveler’s name, nationality, date of birth, as well as details regarding the planned trip to France (places of arrival and departure).

Moreover, travelers need to state that they have not been experiencing any of the Covid-19-like symptoms within the last 48 hours. The symptoms include fever, cough, fatigue, shortness of breath, headache, loss of taste and smell, and other.

Travelers should also state that they have not been in contact with a person infected with Covid-19 within the 14 days preceding their arrival in France.

PLF to France

Passenger Locator Form for Greece.

Greek PLF must be filled out by every person entering Greece according to the newly introduced rules and regulations regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

The health form is available online and contains simple questions relating to the traveler’s health, personal information, details of the planned stay in Greece, and their travel companions.

PLF for Greece must be filled out no later than 24 hours of arrival in Greece in accordance with the Greek time zone. After submitting the completed form online, travelers receive a confirmation email and their unique QR code necessary for entering Greece.

What do you need to enter Greece?

  • A filled PLF and your unique QR code
  • Proof of a negative PCR or antigen test result or proof of being fully vaccinated or recovered from Covid

Not complying with these entry rules may result in a fine or being refused entry to Greece by the borders officials.

PLF to Greece

Passenger Locator Form for Netherlands.

The Netherlands Passenger Locator Form is an online health declaration that must be filled out by every traveler aged 13 or over who wishes to go to or through the Netherlands.

The Dutch PLF is available entirely online and comprises three parts. The whole questionnaire is very brief and requires travelers to provide information relating to their personal details, health state, and their visit to the Netherlands.

The form is obligatory to fill, that is why the customs officials will check if every traveler has a confirmation of its completion with them. Not complying with this requirement may lead to being refused entry to the country.

Information to provide in the Dutch PLF:
Yes/No Questions:

  1. Have you been diagnosed with Covid-19/Pneumonia/have had any symptoms
  2. Have you been in contact with someone possibly infected with Covid
  3. Have you been experiencing any of the Covid-like symptoms (fever, sore throat, runny nose, coughing, shortness of breath

The remaining parts of the form require travelers to put in their personal and contact details, as well as information about their planned trip to the Netherlands, such as their flight or seat number.

PLF to Netherlands

Passenger Locator Form for Turkey.

Turkey has introduced online health declaration forms to keep both foreign visitors, as well as Turkish citizens and residents safe while in Turkey.

Every incoming visitor must fill out the Turkey PLF before arriving in the country. This must done within 72 hours of the intended departure date so that the data provided will be accurate.

Following completing and submitting the form, each traveler receives their own HES code (code for a healthy and safe travel) via email. The code should be kept for the planned visit to Turkey since it may come useful numerous times, not only for crossing the border.

It’s best to have both an electronic, as well as paper copy of the HES code, in case of any issues with the electronic version of the document.

What do you need to fill out the Turkish PLF?

  • A valid passport/ID
  • Your personal details (such as name, date of birth, nationality, and other)
  • Details of the planned trip to Turkey (flight number, way of travel, planned arrival dates, etc.)
  • Health-related information
  • And more

PLF Turkey

Passenger Locator Form for Cyprus.

Cyprus PLF or the Cyprus Flight Pass is an obligatory-to-fill online health declaration that must be completed by every adult traveler coming to Cyprus.

The Flight Pass should be completed within 48 hours of the intended date of arrival to make sure the provided information will be correct and up-to-date so that the customs officials will not refuse one’s entry.

The only exception for filling the form online is for transit travelers who do not disembark in Cyprus. Please note that underage travelers should be included in their parents/guardians’ forms.

Information to put in the Cyprus PLF:

  • Details regarding the planned trip to Cyprus (including specific details of one’s flight, such as a flight number)
  • Personal information and contact details (including traveler’s phone number)
  • Traveler’s category and their category country (in accordance with the Cyprus new system of countries’ categories and their level of risk connected to Covid-19)
  • Health-related details
  • And more

PLF Cyprus

Passenger Locator Form for Malta.

All travelers wishing to visit Malta by air or sea must first fill out an online Passenger Locator Form, which is a simple questionnaire that requires travelers to provide basic personal, travel, and health-related details.

Health declarations help in keeping both foreign visitors as well as Malta’s citizens and residents safe.

Each person visiting Malta must complete the form individually, even if traveling with a group or family.

PLF for Malta is part of the EU dPLF system along with Italy and Slovenia. Each traveler who completes the form receives an email confirmation along with their unique QR code necessary for crossing the border with Malta.

Travelers in transit, who won’t leave the airport in Malta while taking their layover, are exempt from filling the dPLF.

Please note that the Government of Malta reviews PLF applications only within certain hours, i.e., between 7am and 9pm.

Travelers will need a valid passport/ID, a vaccination certificate/a negative PCR test result, personal details, information regarding the planned trip to Malta, and their contact information to complete the form properly.

PLF Malta